If you are looking for something not-so-wholesome , that will make you chuckle,here’s something that will appeal to the you. As a desi pop culture fiend , you are probably familiar with the delightfully kitschy ‘Ideal Boy’ series. 

It’s just been given the subversion remix. 

Adarsh Balak" is a precocious kid, whose activities are …less than ideal. Vandalizing walls with A for anarchy, offering his stressed out dad a joint, scoring a A+ in chemistry after his teacher takes a hit of acid, is all in a days work for him. 

The series created by 23 yr old Priyesh Trivedi has been cropping up on various forums, quickly gaining cult status.

We have our eyes peeled ! What nefarious activities will Adarsh Balak be upto next?  

(via ikilledjackjohnson)